Since childhood, the musician was inspired by sounds that are present in nature, or rather their harmony and combination with each other, it was this that influenced his future hobby, which grew into a lifestyle. Studying, testing and composing all kinds of combinations of analog synthesizers, vst plug-ins and sounds from our world, we get tracks that are already spinning around the world, including festivals such as "Tomorrowland, Burning Man" Legroni together with Peredel launched their own label called UFO Sound (based - Ibiza / Moscow) on which all their tracks are released. Musical compositions from this label are already played by many well-known DJ's such as Solomun, Parallells, Joris Voorn, Guy Laliberte, Birds of Mind, Tom Zeta and many others

About FAITY TALE music clip

SEASOUL - Berlin singer

Development, creative, casting, styling, film production, cinematography, directing, producing, post-production edit and colour grading, production management budget/logistics and scheduling