Social video for plastic free life agitations
A view through the prism of beauty on a global problem

The character's young age represents humanity as the ratio of duration on this
and carefree in solitude strolling through the vast unknown
outside of civilization,
it's like a void to her, and yet the unknown beckons-she walks forward
touching with a piece of plastic is humanity's coming to an industrial revolution, a leap of progress

she rejoices at this, for life is becoming even simpler, more fun and playful,
the variation of the dance shows the application in different spheres, right up to people's heads
parallel in the words and eyes of a child as a reflection of ourselves,
we are children - wanting acceptance, attention, to be heard - her personal manifesto
in the process of dancing and playing, gets confused and it leads to the downfall - that
the peak moment when humanity is no longer in control and
industrial industry took over, not understanding how it
it happened and it's too late - the fall

everything becomes more excruciating, the child wants to get out of that abyss for a sigh
plastic develops beautifully and suffocates the girl, there is no way out
flashback, a dream in her mind
eye shots, time to wake up