About our Muse and master of photography
Natalie Karpushenko

Natalie is a fine arts photographer from Kazakhstan.
Natalie studied at art school for 7 years and attended university of design for 5 years. She has been a presence in the world of photography for 11 years.
Natalie started travelling around the world alone at the age of twenty, drawn to the most inspirational locations to hone her skills. NYC , Alaska, Hawaii, South Africa and France have given her the chance to blossom into one of the most talented photographers of generation . The last 3 years she has been based in Switzerland before making her move to Bali in 2020.

She mainly works in the genre of a portrait and underwater photography.
She is fascinated by nature and animals. Water is her favorite element and she has spent countless hours underwater, capturing the beauty and the raw power of the ocean.
Natalie is a fragile but brave and beautiful woman. The type of woman who will dive into the depths of the sea with whales and sharks or create a shoot with 15 naked models. She is relentless for her vision, sometimes spending two hours or more under water for just a single picture. She combines her work with her unique true nature and inner depth. She is famous in the art world for her authentic style and her belief in her statements.

Her photoworks are highly sought after by publishers all over the world. She has managed to bring magic of art to the streets of France where the agency Adopte un mec has used her work.
One of her most famous creations "Twins" was published by the Italian edition of Vogue. Her photos have also been featured in Mens Health and Esquire magazines. Natalie has won a lot of photo competitions.
Another passion of Natalie's is a commitment of involvement in environmental issues, such as plastic pollution or animal welfare. She is also a wildlife advocate and whale guide. Stay tuned for her next exhibition, which will make you fall in love with these perfect creatures.